What is SCIO?

SCIO technology is based on extensive research in the bio-energetic field and bio-response medicines of the human body.video2

The SCIO machine has 55 high speed frequency channels – the largest medical software package in the world…

This machine provides the highest accuracy in energy field analysis whilst scanning the body.

The best energetic medicine available today

Science has proved that our bodies are indeed electric; therefore electrical reactivity in your body can be measured via responses to impedance, amperage, voltage, capacitance, inductance and frequencies.

The device measures sixteen standard electrical parameters of your body beyond just simple resistance. This makes SCIO unique. Most standard point and probe devices (e.g., Voll Meters) only measure resistance. Trivector resonant frequencies (a mathematical calculation of the relationship between voltage, amperage and resistance) of substances are compared to your trivector resonant frequencies. This results in the SCIO being the best energetic medicine analysis possible.

Over 60 million bits of information

The  SCIO interfaces by limb and head contact straps to you for a highly accurate bio-energetic field evaluation. During testing, it resonates with thousands of tissues, organs, nutrients, toxins and allergens for one hundredth of a second each, and records the degree to which your body reacts.

It processes over 60 million bits of data; and, in about three minutes, the SCIO records your body’s reactivity to 9000 parameters of health at 1/100 of a second and distributes this information to over 200 programs.
The  SCIO tests your unconscious mind, which has extensive knowledge of you (approximately 97% of what goes on within your mind and body) to retrain, remove and restructure your whole health. You can choose from a wide variety of therapies…

 SCIO is ideal for children

The SCIO is ideally suited to children, as they are often unable to verbally communicate what they are suffering from. Children suffering from behavioural problems have seen considerable improvements, as the  SCIO unearthed contributing factors, such as food intolerance, traumas, allergies or bullying.